Top 7 Door Mats (2019 Edition)

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Top 7 Door Mats (2019 Edition)

Every house needs a door mat. Whether you keep one with the intention of preventing dust from entering your house or to give visitors a warm & welcoming feeling or just merely for the sake of having one (because you need one), these mats are found outside every house’s door today. These mats need to be of a high quality and rock an attractive look to be your ideal door mats. Hence, it is important to make sure that you buy a good quality mat so that it stays with you and your house longer!

In this article, we will help you out by introducing you to some of the best door mats you can find in the market today. All of these mats are top-rated (4+) on Wayfair by real customers so don’t be too anxious about their quality. Keep reading to get to know our favorite door mats better!

This top-selling door mat is weather-resistant and effective in preventing dirt from entering your house. The natural coir-durable fiber- used to manufacture it enables it to scrape dirt off of every kind of footwear’s bottom. It is carefully designed by experts and constructed by machines to endure bad weather and high traffic and has a vinyl backing which prevents slipping while keeping the mat in place. Sulema Hello door mat is stylish as well; it has ‘hello’ written on it in black, lowercase handwriting inside a decorative flowery oval. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

Move in but keep the dirt out with this doormat. It is a must-have for your mudroom or porch because of how effective it is in removing dirt directly off every show that passes and rubs over it. Its thick black border & rubber backing aid stability and helps it ‘stick’ to any type of floor. Moreover, its stylish color and design will blend in perfectly with every décor style! SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

Greet your visitors and guests with this creatively designed door mat that will surely bring a smile on their faces as they’ll see you celebrating ‘man’s best friend’-dogs-with your whimsical mat! This beautiful and heartwarming design features a path of human footsteps beside dog paw prints in contrasting colors over a partially striped background. It is a classic example of a rectangular silhouette and has the ability to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and aid stable footing. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

Keep the dirt and debris out & away and welcome your guests in & close with this quirky yet chic door mat! The fibers used in its making are coarse and natural which aids scraping dirt off your shoes effectively and efficiently. Right in its center is the word ‘hello’ (lowercase). SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

This beautifully crafted affordable door mat will really be the one to catch all of your guests’ eyes. In addition to its looks, it is competent enough to not slip and endure heavy ‘foot traffic’ in any weather, any day! Its stylish design, however, is the big attraction here; the mat showcases a bright blue color with the word ‘welcome’ written over it, very slightly diagonally, in yellow. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

This is a timeless floral black beauty that will be superb at keeping dirt away from your home all the time. It is extremely stable and will never slip back! If you purchase this, you will surely not have to go doormat-shopping for a long, long time (what a relief)! SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

This rectangular door mat has all the dirt-cleaning properties that we have mentioned before. However, what makes this piece unique is the personalization that is offered during its purchase; you can get any letter printed over it. You can find many customizable doormats in the market today, but this Ottavio Classic Door Mat by Birch Lane is a great ‘package’. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>