Top 7 Coffee Tables (2019 Edition)

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Top 7 Coffee Tables (2019 Edition)

A coffee table is a multipurpose furniture piece which sits mostly in our living rooms or sitting rooms, and is the focal point of the entire area as it’s usually the first thing ‘spotted’ after entering. Therefore, these tables have an impact on the host room’s ambiance & decor and picking out one that fits just appropriately in your setting and complements every other piece of furniture present there is important. Choosing wisely while purchasing one will most certainly add harmony & style to your setting and make it look complete & cozy. 

In this article, we will be introducing you to some of the best, top-rated coffee tables that we have filtered out for YOU! 

This modern yet very simplistic coffee table strikes an extremely elegant look, adding a pinch of ‘modern minimalism’ to your setting’s layout. Its tabletop comes in four color options of teak, marble, dark walnut and dark concrete and sits atop a metal-based rectangular frame. The coffee table’s open design and clean, sleek lines further add on to its elegant look!  SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

This rectangular, ottoman coffee table is a traditional delight and comes in a total of 7 solid color options. Its soft upholstery serves as the perfect spare seat or footrest while its appealing design adds just the appropriate touch to your bedroom or living room. More than just serving as a ‘coffee table’, it comes with enough tufted storage to comfortably accommodate any board games, spare books or linens; it takes some space on your floor but provides you with double in the form of ‘internal storage’! SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

The three color options this table comes in-gold, black, white-complement every setting in their own strikingly unique and elegant ways. This round table is just perfect for setting trays, coffee mugs (of course) and for blending in with the host room’s ambiance and decor quite easily (thanks to the clean lines curated by its four straight legs and the plain, crystal clear glass top). SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

This contemporary table serves your lounge’s layout by being a solid chic foundation of the overall decor. This round shaped table comes in two color combinations-black/gold and white/gold-that look just glamorous in every setting. This aesthetically pleasing furniture piece is crafted with a metal frame, integrated with a transparent glass top and a white/black glass tier at the bottom. This lower section serves as a bonus and provides users with extra space (we all love freebies)! SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

This rectangular coffee table strikes an industrial style while exhibiting a chic look at the same time. Its rustic pine wood paired up with black, metal legs curate a beautiful display in every setting, especially in farmhouses and lofts. It also comes with an additional open shelf which provides extra space and increases the accommodating capacity of your coffee table. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

This modern circular coffee table is the perfect choice for smaller spaces. It’s compact and lightweight, yet very trendy, staging a glamorous display of its gold-tinted cross base and a white/dark walnut wooden round top that blends in with every color! SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

This chic rectangular table combines modern designs and mid-century contemporary style quite remarkably! Its tabletop comes in 6 different colors (ranging from lighter to darker beautiful shades) with a weathered finish which couples with its four iron ‘hairpin’ legs to complete the entire state-of-the-art design. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>