The Top 7 Best Selling Bed Frames in 2019

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The Top 7 Best Selling Bed Frames in 2019

A bed frame is a raised metal frame to support your mattress upon it without moving or sliding and give you a comfortable sleep. Using a bed frame to sleep provides few benefits to you. A good bed frame firmly holds the bed or mattress and gives stability to bed preventing from wobbling or looks shabby by moving out of position. As per Feng Shui, a raised bed above the ground gives you more positive energy and also reduce negative energy giving you good energy flow in your body. The bed frames are made of steel and easily movable and do not hold moisture which prevents molds and insects around them. Moreover, the bed frames provide a large space underneath which you can use additional storage space. 
In the following sections, you can find a list of top-selling bed frames, their features, and benefits. Most of the bed frames have a 5-year limited period warranty from the manufacturer. You can call the customer support team available 24 x 7 to assist you on any questions you have on assembly, repairs or replacements. 

Yetter Slat bed frame consists of a steel frame with a black finish that does not require box spring. It has predrilled holes at one end of the frame so that you can attach any standard headboard of your choice. It is 18 inches in height and has plenty of space underneath to allow you to use it as additional storage space.
You need to manually assemble Yetter Slat bed frame using a hexagonal spanner. The Twin size bed has six legs and other sizes like California King, Full, King and Queen sizes have nine legs. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

Avey Bed frame is crafted with a steel frame with wooden plants across the slats. Its minimalistic bed frame and does not require box spring and it does not cost too much. You cannot fix a headboard to it as there are no provisions for attaching a headboard. It is available in Full, King, Queen and Twin sizes. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

Blough Bed frame is minimalistic metal bed frame with metal slats on top. Its frame has felt pads attached to its legs to prevent scratching the floor. Blough does not need box spring. It is designed with a black finish steel frame to enable it to match any color palette of your room. You can attach a headboard and does not need box spring. It is available in four standard sizes. Twin size has six legs and the other three types have nine legs. You need to assemble this bed frame for yourself. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

Vasquez Bed frame is made of steel completely and has patented wide slats helps the mattress to firmly hold on the bed frame and extend its life. You need not require box spring for any of its bed sizes and it is available in five sizes of Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, and California King sizes. It is not compatible with headboard bracket and has four legs for all its sizes. You need to assemble the bed frame and you can easily assemble it with the tools provided. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

The platform bed frame is simple and stable bed frame that does not require any tools to assemble. You can easily assemble this bed frame in less than five minutes. It has a grid surface design that provides an ideal base for memory foams, latex, and mattresses. It does not require box spring and there is not support to attach the headboard to it. You can fold the bed frame and stack it against a wall to minimize space. It provides a large space under it for you to use as additional storage space. It has rubber grips attached to legs to prevent sliding or scratching on the floor. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

Hiett Platform is a metal bed frame that is foldable bed frame that needs assembling and installing it. It does not require box spring and supports headboard, footboard. It is available in five standard sizes and has a solid foundation for your bedroom or guest room. It supports all type of mattresses, memory foams, latex, and innerspring beds. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

Innovative is a sturdy metal frame in the black color finish. You can fold this bed frame and stack it in a corner when not needed. You can attach a headboard to this bed frame. The ground clearance of the Innovative Bed frame is 14 inches which allows you a storage space to stack large accessories. You need to assemble this bed frame and need not install it. SHOP NOW at Wayfair >>>

When you have a lot of options to select bed frames, the handpicked best bed frames listed above that gives you maximum benefits, comforts, durability and easy assembly. The additional storage spaces from bed frames are much larger, unlike the usual beds that have a low height clearance and does not allow large accessories to stack under them.