Home hot paint color ideas to try now

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For those in need of a pretty help from the experts, take a look at paint color ideas. Use this page as a resource guide, and you will end up with an area that looks equal parts sophisticated and modern.

Embrace neutral grays

When dealing with gray, it is vital to consider how the hue will affect the feel of the area. Lighter shades will give off a hot feel, so those should be integrated into areas such as living or bedroom areas. Darker grays will offer more visual impact, so pick those for the rooms of your home that you truly want to make a showpiece.

Give olive a chance

Olives link to nature is undeniable, so ensure to play it up in your design. Use it in an area that will add natural elements such as stone or wood and that will have lots of natural light. This shade is also helpful for areas that work as transition between the exterior and interior of your home. Consider it for a kitchen or mudroom that provides passage to an outdoor deck.

Go with Grecian blues

This kind of blue also has the included bonus of being a chill, relaxing color which still making an impact. The key is how much or how pretty you use in your area. If you want to feel as though you have really transported yourself to the Mediterranean, go ahead and paint all the walls. Or else, consider adding a nod to the style by just painting your kitchen cabinets or a piece of furniture.

Pump up the plum

With plum, the room you pick matters most. Target on areas that you want to have a regal feel, such as formal living or dining rooms. Anyway, the size of the area also is vital to consider. Since it is such a powerful choice, you will want to use it in a smaller room where the color would not seem as awe-inspiring.

Coral paint color

Since the coral paint that you pick will already be making a statement in the area, it needs to be balanced by the design elements that surround it. Pick a color palette that contains plenty of neutral shades to keep your eyes from getting overwhelmed, or apply coral on an accent wall to liven up any area in need of pop of color.

These are 5  colors that are presently dominating the interior design landscape right now. Think about incorporating some of these shades into your next project.