5 Tips Home Decorating With Small Children At Home

Home Decor Knowledge

He had seen the show featuring home d閏or ornaments and quilts placed perfectly, folded up to an inch of their lives and placed carefully on the back of the couch. Your first thoughts: obviously they don’t have small children!

The good news is that small children and homes are decorated with both CAN co-exist. You just have to be more careful in your decorating options to ensure that the House and the children are safe. Here are some tips to help you begin your journey toward home is well designed and suitable for small children.

  1. Safety first

Although you may want to put broken glass at the table beside you, not a good idea to leave young children at home. Absolute priority must be security, so there are no glass or pointed objects within the reach of your hand.

  1. Stay on top of

Focus your decorating efforts in places that are not affected by the children. For example, select prints for your wall or put Your rack up a kitchen cabinet. In addition, you can always post your valuable glass pieces in the shelter or Cabinet that is not accessible to children.

  1. Heavy metals

For decorative items at ground level, think of metal parts. Metal is not easily chewed, minced or crushed. Usually, one can sit, drool and writing with little or no lasting effect. Many goods are decorative metal available at many home decor stores and online retailers. To assemble the factory security, select pieces of heavy metals. Your child will not be able to move the object. This removes all use of dangerous and hazardous goods, such as taking him down the stairs to the animals from the same family or brother or sister.

  1. When you can’t beat them

Children living at home and not go! Rather than fight this fact with your decorating choices, why not capitalize on it as well as possible? Painting a wall (or wall) with chalkboard paint. This will allow your little Picasso has space where he can freely practice his art. On the same note, cover Your coffee table with paper block butcher. When filled with a full-color design, open rolls are another! Take some of the best and brightest artwork your child and ask for advice from the professionals. You will be surprised how much this little masterpiece can be added to your room in terms of decor. One way to get a piece of art that will work in your room is to give your child a choice of crayons or colored markers to complement your decor. When you’re done, you’ll have the artwork that fits perfectly in your room. Also, you can say that you personally know that artist! Although this may not be appropriate in all rooms, this is a very good decorating idea for kids rooms and family rooms. You may really like these ideas so you also put it in another room.

  1. Be realistic and happy.

You live at home, not in a museum. At some point, your sofa will fade or stain. You will find stains on newly painted walls. The good news is: you have small children, or more than one. Unfortunately, they will not be here forever and one day too soon, you can decorate it as you wish. You might want to have the opportunity to use good porcelain.